Flat Belly Fix Review

Before you spend your money on Flat belly fix,Read my review first!

I’m here to share the truth about the Flat Belly Fix weight loss program. I know there are a ton of these type of programs online, so before your eyes start to blur over, let me say this . . .

This one is for real!

It actually works, it’s great value for money and it’s easy to implement.

I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been frustrated by dozens of programs before discovering Flat Belly Fix. Read on to discover what’s so different about this one.

My story

Hi, I’m Kimberley, a 35-year-old mother of two. Six months ago, I was at the beach with my husband and kids. It was blazing hot and my hubby, who’s in great shape, was playing frisbee on the sand with the kids in nothing but a pair of speedos. I, of course, was covered in a sarong under the beach umbrella, hiding by bulges from the world as usual.

When the frisbee landed a few feet from me, one of the kids called out for me to get it and throw it back. Making sure that my belly bulge was well hidden, I started to get up, only to collapse back on the sand. My insides were burning and I was, all of a sudden, feeling really tired. As I lay there collapsed in a hump, my husband came rushing over.

Next thing I knew was lying in a hospital bed, a drip coming out of my arm and a doctor telling my husband that I’ve got Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes!

I’m only 35 years-old – what was going on? ☹

What was going on was that I’d been steadily eating myself into this potentially deadly disease for years. In the process I’d turned a once taut body into something I was ashamed to show in public.

The message coming from the medical specialist was clear . . .

Diet and Exercise – and there was no time to lose!

How I Found Flat Belly Fix?

Naturally, I jumped onto Google as soon as I got home and pumped in ‘diets to lose weight’.

What a mistake that was – I got 68,355,792 search results. When I started to look through them, it soon became obvious that the reviews were written by affiliates looking to cash in. If I was going to find a good program I needed to find a better way.

That’s when my husband reminded me about Cherie, a friend from way back who he’d bumped into at the Farmer’s Market a few weeks back. He was stunned at how much weight she’d lost. Fortunately, he’d gotten her text number (don’t worry, there was nothing fishy going on!).

So, I texted Cherie and asked what her secret was. In reply she texted me the following web address and message . . .

It really works!

What’s Included?

Flat Belly Fix was created by Todd Lamb, who is popular writer in the health and fitness world. Todd has created a complete program that can help you to lose your belly fat in just 3 weeks.

Fat Belly Fix is a downloadable online program that incorporates a comprehensive diet protocol, weight loss techniques and online ELITE coaching all designed to reduce belly fat over a 21-day period.

Here’s what comes with your purchase . . .

  • The 21 Day Fat Belly Fix Manual – this mega manual finally reveals the truth about diet and exercise, unleahing the simple secret to permanently losing weight without ever feeling that you’re on a ‘diet’.
  • 7-Minute Flat Belly Protocol – this is a series of gentle, simple moves that you can do daily to sculpt a smooth core – and no sit ups in sight!
  • Fat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes – these delicious recipes are great at boosting your metabolism and getting rid of body fat.
  • Elite Personal Coaching – You’ll get a whole month’s worth of personal training
  • Access to closed Facebook group – Todd will introduce to a core group of supporters to encourage and motivate you.

The key part of the program is the 21 Day Fat Belly Fix Program. After having had disappointing experiences in the past, I was genuinely impressed with the quality and content of this manual. For me, there were plenty of ‘uh-huh’ moments as I finally discovered the things that the billion-dollar weight loss industry don’t want you to know about what really works to lose weight.

But, don’t just to take my word for it. There are plenty of people who have posted their positive reviews of the Flat Belly Fix program. In fact, this is one of the few programs that has a 100% success review rate.

Here are a couple of common reviewer experiences . . .

I feel like I’m on top of Mt. Everest after years of suffering. I have wasted hundreds of dollars on supplements and drugs with no success. Now here comes a solution that I didn’t believe could ever exist. How I believe Mr. tod Lamb had started this years earlier.
I have been heavy almost my whole life. I have been called all sorts of names – The thick one, fat, ugly, Miss belly. Now the Flat Belly Fix system has transformed my life. It is my responsibility to share this incredible news to the whole world.

Is Flat Belly Fix Worth Your Money?

When you consider what you are actually getting that represents great value.

Having read and used it, I would have been more than happy to pay that price just for the main manual. But. With this program you also get the 7 Minute Flat Belly Protocol,Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes and one moth’s worth of VIP coaching (not to mention access to the Facebook support page).

The coaching alone would be worth hundreds of dollars!

As a result, I can say with confidence that this program does, indeed, represent incredible value for money!

Flat Belly Fix Discount

You don’t have to troll through dozens of frustrating expired discounts to get Flat Belly Fix – our friend Cassandra  found one that worked perfectly fine. It got her a further $10 off the already great cover price. Hope it works for you . . .

My Results Before and After Using Flat Belly Fix

You’ll remember that I used to go to the beach covered in a sarong to hide my belly bulge. Well, guess what – I’m actually going full bikini – and joining in with the kids and hubby for frisbee on the beach.☺

I have lost some serious inches off my waistline. In fact, it has gone down three inches – that is a full inch every single week of this 21-day program. You can imagine how much that has improved my self-confidence!

In fact, I’m so self-confident that I’m happy to share my before and after pics with you. Here they are . . .


I gotta’ admit -when Cherie put me onto Flat Belly Fix I wasn’t expecting much – I’d been disappointed too many times before! But, boy am I glad I gave it the benefit of the doubt . . .

This is the one you’ve been looking for. It really works. It provides you with a COMPLETE program that will allow you target your belly fat. You can expect to lose about an inch a week, which is what I achieved – and, better still, you’ll keep it off.

I cannot recommend Flat Belly Fix enough – it WILL work for you. ?

Special Thanks to Cherie and Todd...This program changed my life.❤

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Hello Kimberley,

Thank you for your review and Congratulations!
I gained a lot of weight only in the last months..and i think i will give a try to this program : )

    kimberley robinson

    Thanks for reading.
    take action and never give up ?


Thanks for your review Kimberley,i just purchased flat belly fix program and i must say it is really good.

    kimberley robinson

    Happy to hear that from you,please share your results with us.


Hi you really inspired me.

I decided to start the challenge with Flat belly fix,but I am curious if there is a discount.


Amazing results and Thanks for the motivation.

    kimberley robinson

    Thank you 🙂


I just got Flat belly fix here http://www.todaydiscoupon.com/21-day-flat-belly-fix-discount/ and saved me $10 off!

    kimberley robinson

    Great,thanks for sharing it here.


I agree,this program worth it.

    kimberley robinson

    Yes if you follow the program you will 100% see the results you desire.


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